Investment Planning

A successful investment strategy is developed by tailoring it to your unique circumstances. This includes your specific goals for the investment assets, your tax situation and your outlook on investment risk.  We believe a sound investment strategy flows out of a comprehensive planning process.  Successful investing does not happen through one-off tips and shoot-from-the-hip strategies or hunches.  Successful investing comes from discipline, research, monitoring and consistent application of time tested investment principles.  Key to successful investing is the development of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Investing is always purpose driven, whether it's buying your dream cottage, seeing your children graduate or ensuring that your retirement years are fulfilling. A tailored investment plan is essential to ensure that your unique goals come to fruition.  The IPS helps do that by laying out investment, tax and financial strategies tailored to your individual situation.

The IPS outlines your course by:
  • Clearly defining your goals and how much risk you are prepared to take.
  • Addressing concerns through investment strategies and tax efficient investments.
  • Consolidating your family's registered and non registered investments under one single plan.
  • Identifying your asset allocation strategy - the percentage invested in various asset classes.
  • Ensuring your optimized investment portfolio contains highly qualified and award winning managers.
  • Identifying the range of returns you could expect from your portfolio over time.
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