Health & Wellness

Take Charge of Change - Over the years we have come to understand that you cannot plan your finances in a vacuum.  As advisors, not only should we play a role in understanding a client's financial circumstance, we must play a role in providing clients with information and tools to enhance their energy, vitality, productivity, health and peace of mind.  You have worked hard to build your wealth - just as important, you need to employ strategies that will put you in a position where you can enjoy your wealth through the freedom and experiences it can provide for you and your family.  To facilitate the research and delivery of these lifestyle enhancement programs, we established TAKE CHARGE OF CHANGE (TCC).  At TCC we draw on lessons we have learned from the sport of triathlon, business life and family life to deliver recommendations and coaching that build personal and organizational resiliency.  Not only do we want your financial planning to be resilient but we play a role in making sure you experience resilient health, resilient relationships and resilient cognition.

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