Estate Planning and Incapacity

Our estate planning advice is intended to provide you and your family with peace of mind about the future. You have worked hard to accumulate wealth. Make sure you implement strategies that will efficiently transfer wealth to family members, charities and legacy gifts.  

Common questions:

  •  Are there strategies that may benefit my family that I should consider in my Will?
  • How do I reduce my taxes and probate fees at death? How do I avoid sharing my children’s inheritance with Revenue Canada?
  • What issues do I need to consider when leaving our cottage or winter home to my children?

Estate Planning Checklist - This is a powerful tool that clients can use to confirm if there are any potential gaps in their estate planning. Client’s who have worked through this document have found it helpful in identifying areas that may need to be addressed or simply raised questions clients wanted clarity on. Another benefit of the Estate Planning Checklist is its ability to assist in the communication process around estate planning. Many clients who have worked through the checklist found it helpful as a bridge to discuss important estate planning priorities. As well, they felt this document could aid in discussions with children. Communication is always a key ingredient when crafting an estate plan. Whether you talk to children individually or in a family discussion, making sure that there is general agreement on your priorities helps to make sure that your estate is handled in the manner you intended. If you would like a copy of our Estate Planning Checklist sent to you please contact Janelle at

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