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Retirement Planning Checklist

The Checklist has been designed to assist you in the process of planning proactively for your retirement.  There are many variables that need to be taken into account when developing a sound retirement plan.  The questions on this checklist touch upon some of the key areas that need to be addressed.  If you can answer the majority of the questions with confidence that you are on track - Congratulations!  On the other hand, if you are unsure of the status on several of the questions, it may be confirmation that you need to make an appointment with yourself to begin planning in this area.  We have developed the GAME PLAN process to assist families to address these questions and to plan for retirement in a comprehensive manner that will lead to confidence and peace of mind.  If after completing the checklist, you would like to set a meeting in order to review your current retirement income plan, please contact the office at 204.977.8022 or jderocquigny@assante.com

Request for Retirement Planning Checklist