GAME PLAN ~ Retirement Planning Process and Computer Simulation

"Planning for today ~ Peace of Mind for Tomorrow"

Many of us want to forget the events of 2008 through 2009 when the TSX 300 and most global stock markets shaved off nearly 50% of their value.  In the aftermath of this market downturn, many people have concerns around long term income security.  They want to know if their retirement is still sustainable in the aftermath of the 2008 market declines.  To address this important question we make use of our powerful financial modeling software.  We refer to this model as GAME PLAN.  This software application allows us to provide clients with powerful financial modeling for retirement income.  This software integrates pensions, OAS, CPP, RRSP/RRIF's, non registered investments, corporate assets and real estate into one unified forecast for the sustainable after-tax income for the individual's retirement.  Clients who have gone through the GAME PLAN process experience peace of mind and their confidence about their financial future has improved.

If you would like to update your GAME PLAN, please contact Mylène at and we will start the process of updating your plan.  

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Provide friends, family or colleagues with a powerful planning process that will give them renewed confidence and peace of mind about their financial future.

As a result of the last few year's market fluctuation, you are sure to have family members, colleagues or friends whose confidence around their retirement income planning has been shaken. Having them explore the GAME PLAN process with us could be a very practical way of providing them with peace of mind, hope and confidence about their financial future. We make available, a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION consultation that would allow them to walk through the GAME PLAN process with us and then decide if it is something they would like to take advantage of. This is a simple 4 step process that can be reviewed by clicking on the picture below.

Please feel free to direct them to our website or have them contact Janelle at or by calling (204) 977-8049.

I consider it a privilege and honor to receive a referral and as always, confidentiality is the cornerstone of our practice - rest assured that each client relationship is and will remain distinctly separate and private.

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