Prospective Clients

Are you interested in exploring our services?

Choosing a financial planner and working with a wealth management team is one of the most important financial decisions that you will make.  Independent research consistently demonstrates that people who work with advisors achieve better financial outcomes than people who don't.  Please see attached Value of Advice report by clicking on the underlined report title.  We believe that choosing to work with our planning team is part informational and part experiential.  To assist you in the decision making we put in place a process that allows you to explore our services.  At the end of the process, we will able to determine if there is a "fit" for both of us.  As well, we will be able to confirm how we can best assist you.  Our process has 4 distinct stages.

Step 1 - Initial Contact
  • Contact our office to arrange a face to face meeting.  Once the appointment is set, we will mail out our PRE-MEETING package for you to review.  The information package will help you to prepare for this initial meeting and ensure maximum value from the consultation.  To arrange an appointment time, simply call our office at 977-8022 or email Janelle at
Step 2 - Initial Meeting
  • In this meeting we get to know each other.  In the first half of the initial consultation we will share our philosophy and cover our planning process.  In the second half of the discussion, we will walk you through the "Financial Road Map" discussion.  This discussion is intended to identify your most important financial concerns and objectives.  As well, we will identify the challenges to overcome in addition to planning opportunities that you can take advantage of.  In this meeting, we will begin exploring possible solutions that may be appropriate for your unique situation.
Step 3 - Analysis Meeting - Financial Forecasts
  • For this meeting, we will have prepared financial forecasts based on the information you provided in the initial meeting.  These forecasts will be in the areas of:
        • retirement income planning 
        • estate planning 
        • investment planning
        • risk management   

    This analysis aids in the process of identifying opportunities and/or challenges in your current financial situation and to identify potential strategies and planning opportunities that flow from this process.

Step 4 - Recommendation Clarity Meeting

  • In advance of this meeting, you will receive our written recommendations.  The main purpose of this meeting is to meet and discuss the specific recommendations that have been prepared for you.  In this meeting you have the opportunity to have your questions answered in order to have complete clarity on the action steps that you need to take in order to reach your goals.  In addition to the recommendations, we provide you with an Implementation Letter.  This details the Action Plan that will help you implement your Retirement Income Plan.  If you feel you could benefit from having our practice assist you with the implementation process, this letter outlines our service commitment which includes the action items we can help you to implement, our ongoing service commitments to you as a client and how we are compensated for the work we will do for you.

If you are interested in exploring our process, please do not hesitate to contact Janelle at (204) 977-8022 or